sounds (resonant)

i do sound design for theatre and my own music and am slowly improving my music production skills. this page contains a small selection of different sounds i have made. there are there are some snippets of things that might eventually be used in songs and some samples of individual sounds. (all patches on this page are original including recorded samples.)


🐺 sd_recurse

today i found out that it's possible to commit terrible ableton-crimes by using positive feedback between groups of tracks

CW: loud

💥 bullet casing

samples recorded in my basement, wavetable bass

inspired by Namasenda and Arca

🐬 surreal staircase

wavetable s&h, physical modeling synth

reminds me of joel g's Ena


🐉 neurobass growls

operator, fx, and clip warping

sooo much reverb

🦋 inharmscape

wavetable, physical modeling, delay

well-suited for microtonal scales

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